Bulk Mobile Molasses Feeder



Ever been caught out the back of the farm without enough molasses to carry on the job, some of our farmers have hense why we have produce a way of transporting molasses in restricted quantities, so with there input and our designer, we have produced a Heavy Duty Bulk Mobile Molasses Feeder


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  • Heavy duty Galvanised chassis
  • Heavy duty 3rd wheel
  • Independent hand brake system
  • Drawbar (optional)
  • Rear step up plate
  • Self fill
  • Ball cock system
  • Each side has 6 x 4 litre controlled fill compartments
  • 50mm outlet fittings (each side)
  • 6 x 150 mm inspection ports
  • 455mm heavy duty screw top lid
  • 50mm on/off valves each side
  • Rear wheel guards
  • 750 litres
  • Wide wheel base
  • Suitable height for sheep


Transport Tray Features


  • Large enough for 30 + calves
  • All sides open
  • Trans Tex 220 non-slip decking
  • All gates galvanised






l= length h= height w= width mm c= litres

Bulk Mobile Molasses Feeder  l:3300 h:1600 w:2070 c: 750


Transport tray option                             l:2440 h:1000 w:1520


Drawbar option


Prices include GST, but may incur FREIGHT