New Open Trailed Calf Feeder



This New Revolutionary Open yet Closed Trailed Calf Feeder has been in the making for the past 3 years. With hours of farmers input and hours of design/engineers input we have come up with the only Open feeder that can close. Our feeder has an inside wash system for easy cleaning,large openings for easy cleaning, No step up process to pour milk into (low tank height) Award winning Touch Teats that will last for seasons, just to name a few features/benefits.




  • Available In 30 Teat, 40 Teat, 50 Teat, And 60 Teat
  • Award Winning TOUCH TEAT Supplied
  • 2 x Large Size Tanks Options 550 Litre or 750 Litre
  • In Tank Internal Wash System
  • Externally Mounted Hose Clip For The A Wash Down System
  • Seperated Sealed Milk Bay
  • Sealed/Lockable Lid System
  • Anti Roll Design
  • Retractable Drawbar
  • 2 x Side Mounted 455mm Lockable Hinged Lids
  • User Friendly Low Gravity Tank Height
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Trailer Chassis
  • Extended Teat Span/For Larger Calves
  • Anti Nock System/Teats Wont Get Damaged
  • Interchangeable and Adjustable DrawBar Height/Same Level As The Towing Vehicle
  • Large Stainless Steel Milk Solids Strainer
  • On/Off Hose Diverters/For Seperate Milk Bays
  • Anti Rear Roll/Flip Bar
  • Calibrated Litreage On Both Tank And Bay
  • 50mm Outlet For Drainage


If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our NEW OPEN YET CLOSED CALF FEEDER, Please clickhere.


l = length h = height w = width mm

80 Teat  x 1100 litre l       h      w


60 Teat  x 750 litre l       h      w



50 Teat  x 550 litre  l       h      w


50 Teat  x 750 litre  l       h      w



40 Teat x 550 litre  l       h      w


40 Teat x 750 litre  l        h      w



30 Teat x 550 litre  l        h      w


30 Teat x 750 litre  l        h      w



Tandem Axle Convertion Kit


Prices include GST, but may incur FREIGHT